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GEMMA disseminates information on EC and national funded projects, dealing with Gender and Migration, to policy-makers and Civil Society Organisations.

GEMMA will strive to synthesise the research results of these projects assuring the dissemination to policy-makers and Civil Society Organisations. GEMMA will encourage these actors to use the results provided in their decision making processes.

Projects dealing with Gender & Migration

FEMIPOL - Integration of Female immigrants in labour market and society

ETHNOGENERATION – the Characteristics of the Second Generation in Families of Ethnic Entrepreneurs : intergenerational and gender aspects of quality of processes

LIMITS - Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in European Cities: Life-courses and Quality of Life in a World of Limitations

SERVANT - (Thematic network) The Socio‐Economic Role of Domestic Service as a Factor of European Society

VEIL ‐ Values, Equality and Differences in Liberal Democracies. Debates about Female Muslim Headscarves in Europe.

UWT Undocumented Worker Transition. Researching migrant pathway in Europe

Rôles et perspectives des femmes relais en France, Secrétariat des Droits des Femmes, Fonds d’Action sociale et Direction de la Population et des Migrations, ADRI, Paris

Multiculturalism, Autonomy and the Law - Forced Marriage and Exclusion from Marriage as Contested Legal Fields in the UK, Austria and Turkey.

Forced and Arranged Marriages in Austria

FEMALE MIGRATION VISION - Evaluation of local training and educational policies and local actions that support the families involved in "migratory projects";

FEMAGE - Needs for Female Immigrants and their Integration in Ageing Society

IMISCOE - Gender, Age and Generations

REOH Project Researching equal opportunities for internationally recruited nurses and other healthcare professionals

Civic Stratification Project ‐ Gender and Family Migration Policies in Europe.

QUING ‐ Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies.

Ge.M.IC. ‐ Gender, Migration, Intercultural Interaction.

GENDERACE ‐ Gender, Migration, Intercultural Interaction.

PROMINSTAT ‐ Promoting Comparative Quantitative Research in the Field of Migration and Integration in Europe

GRINE ‐ Gender Relations in Europe at the turn of the Millennium: women as subjects in migration and marriage