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Press release 28/05/2010


About Gender & Migration

Press – Europe 
« L’Europe vieillit »
Parlement Européen, 06/02/2008

Press – France:
Samade, condamnèe à l'exil pour èchapper au marriage,
La voix du Nord, 12/04/2008

Article about forced marriages in France,
Le Monde Diplomatique, 13/02/2007

Press - Hungary
Integration of immigrant children in schools throughout Europe
An article in Új pedagógiai  szemle by Mária Simon (in Hungarian)

How to win over England
A guide for Hungarians wishing to live/work in England (in Hungarian)

A new wave of immigration in Eastern Europe
A newspaper article about how the enlargement of the Schengen
area changes immigration trends in Eastern Europe (in Hungarian)

Thematic issue of the periodical Kisebbségkutatás (Minority Studies) on migration
(3/2005; in Hungarian)

Book review: “Immigration to Hungary 1988-1994
Review by Nóra Kovács published in Regio (3/1998) (in Hungarian)