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It is a current convention that policymakers have low status in research by academics on the outcomes of policy and in the relationship between researchers and the editors of journals.

A huge quantity of research is stored in depths of library databases and journals. Hundreds of reports have been published. There are an enormous number of studies. Such studies that are both sound and pertinent for policy issues

Policy-makers , while carrying on their normal activities, need to handle this information in order to make decisions and to formulate adequate policies both at national and European level.

Policy-makers do need to have access to research results and key documents: unfortunately these information are not available in synthesized format.

Who are the policy-makers addressed by GEMMA?

arrow EU Policy makers
arrow National policy makers
arrow Ministries Departments of Ministries
arrow Trade-unions Education Agency
arrow National/local health services
arrow Industry/business groups Others


What is the GEMMA contribution for POLICY-MAKERS?

GEMMA will contribute to the synthesis of high quality research and coordination between  policy makers and researchers by providing:

arrow Opportunities for networking and dialogue between researchers, policy-makers and Civil Society Organizations

arrow Policy briefs – a synthesis instrument that enhance the visibility and access to research results for policy-makers, the media and civil society

arrow GEMMA showcase composed by: GEMMA abstract, thematic Policy briefs and an horizontal Policy Review



What will GEMMA produce for you ?
5 Policy Dialogue and Networking workshops dealing with Gender & Migration theme in 5 European Countries (Italy, Austria, Hungary, France and United Kingdom) which will result in 5 Recommendations documents for improving communication and cooperation between researchers and policy-makers.