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Click on the country map and find out the relevant national documents dealing with Gender & Migration or on the European flag for European link
European links


European Commission - Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities - Gender Equality

 2007: European Year of Equal Opportunities for All
It is a European Commission initiative

European Commission - DG  Research -  Social Sciences and Humanities 

2008 : European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
It is an initiative of Education and Culture DG

European Commission - DG Justice and Home Affairs - Immigration

Migration Policy Group - MPG
The Website is designed to act as an EU-wide platform for networking on integration, through exchange about policies and practice

“Free movement of persons, asylum and immigration”

European Women’s Lobby – Immigration and Asylum

This is a space for those who share an interest in gender and migration to debate and reflect on issues in the field, share information and learn from each other


Routes project
The main objective of the Routes project - is to open a common reflection at European level on the theme of migration and integration



Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity
MA 17 serves as an interface between migration organisations, NGOs and the City of Vienna

Civil Society Organizations

Counselling centres for migrants, women advice, support for the labour market
Association with a number of member across Austria.

Innovative Social Projects / ISOP
An association supporting migrants in terms of labour market integration, training and recruitment.

Vienna Integration Conference - Co-ordination office /WIK-VB
Interest Organisation of NGOs in the field of migration.

Centre for education, counselling & therapy for immigrants.

Moral courage and anti-racism work / ZARA
NGO, counselling victims and witnesses of racism


Counselling, Education and Support for Migrant Women / LEFÖ
NGO, supporting and accompanying the migration process of women; health promotion for female sex workers

Women initiative for bicultural marriage

Caritas - Support for foreigners

Autonoums Centre for and of female migrants / maiz
Association by and for migrant women and was created out of the necessity for changes with regards to migrants’ living and work situation in Austria

Orient Express
Association of turkish women, support for turkish and arabic women.

Intercultural Centre of Counselling and Therapy / ZEBRA
NGO, fighting against racist and inhumane tendencies, informing about asylum and migration policy.




CEDREF- Centre d'Enseignement, de Documentation et de Recherche pour les Etudes Féministes

National Inter-universitary and inter-disciplinary Network  on Gender

Institut Emilie du Châtelet pour le développement et la diffusion des recherches sur les femmes, le sexe et le genre 

Ministry of Labour, Social Relations, Family and Solidarity, Focus on Immigration on Women

High Authority for the fight against Discrimination and for Equality:

Civil Society Organizations

Network for the autonomy of the women immigrants and refugees

National Association for Border Assistance for Foreigners

Women of the world

Information and support Group for immigrants

Ecumenical Mutual Service, dedicated to the accompaniment of migrating foreigners in the process of expulsion, asylum seekers or refugees

Commission for the abolition of sexual mutilation

Women Group for the Abolition of Sexual Mutilation and other practices affecting the health of women and children




Ministry for Home Affairs – Immigration department

Presidency of the Council of Ministries
Equal Opportunities & Rights Department

Cestim online
Italian site for the documentation on migration phenomena

Web portal offering information and legal and social advice for immigrants in Italy.


Civil Society Organizations

AIDOS is a non-governmental organization that was founded in Rome in 1981 by a group of women experts in economic and anthropological development. AIDOS has consultative status to ECOSOC Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and is Focal point in Italy for INSTRAW United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women. 

An Italian NGO specialised in development education, humanitarian aid and the integration of immigrants in Italian society.

Caritas Italiana
Caritas Italia is an organism of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) to promote charity throughout the Italian ecclesiastical community. In collaboration with the Migrantes Foundation, Caritas publishes annual reports on the immigration situation in Italy.

Cestim on line is a free internet site dedicated to providing accurate information to immigrants and the general public about immigration.

CIES is a non-governmental organization involved in development cooperation and development education. Among its Development Education activities it is involved in encouraging the integration of immigrants into Italian society for example through the Leonardo projects financed by the EC: LALERA-Language Learning by Radio for women migrants of Rumanian origin in Italy.

COSPE was founded in Florence in 1983 with the objective of helping to overcome problems of poverty and social injustice throughout the world. Today it is active in Development Cooperation all over the world. It works in Italy on immigration issues, mainly through offering advice and support to immigrants and their families. It also strives to stem the spread of stereotypes and inaccurate media images of immigrants through working with school children.




Hungarian Academy of SciencesResearch, Institute of Ethnic and National Minorities

Hungarian Implementation of the Gender Equality Roadmap 2006-2010 (in Hungarian):


Civil Society Organizations

Hungarian Women’s Lobby
Association with 47 member organisations throughout Hungary

Hungarian CSOs
List of CSOs active in the field of gender in Hungary (from the database of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour)


“Visa and Immigration Policies of the Visegrad Countries” Workshop (2006)


United Kingdom


Civil Society Organizations

Joint Council of Welfare of Immigrants
JCWI is an independent national voluntary organisation, campaigning for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy in the UK. JCWI was formed in the 1960s at a time of new Commonwealth immigration to assist families coming to a new country. JCWI provided free advice and assistance for new immigrants and for the settled community wishing to be reunited with their families.

Asylum Aid
Asylum Aid is an independent, national charity assisting refugees in the UK. It helps the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people seeking asylum in the UK by giving them free legal advice and representing them in their asylum application. It also combines advice work and policy work with campaigning for the fair treatment of refugees in the UK.

Equality and Human Rights Commission


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