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Fostering Dialogue among Stakeholders
18 giugno 10


“Fostering Dialogue among Stakeholders in European Research: Conference on the Gender and Migration policy” aims to improve dialogue among all stakeholders working in the field of Gender & Migration in Europe such as policy-makers, researchers, civil society organizations. It is a culmination of two years work aimed at improving cooperation among stakeholders.


Policy Dialogue Workshop
07 dicembre 09


Which recommendations or key messages emerged from the debate? There is a need for a national forum for the exchange of information. Research and policy making in gender and migration is fragmented ....


Promoting the Dialogue between Research and Politics
06 novembre 09


This all-day workshop‘s objective was to investigate possible structural improvements in the dialogue between political decision makers and researchers


Gender and Migration between Research and Policies
30 ottobre 09


Which is the most effective way to create a bridge between research and policies? A debate was set up around this question between policy makers and researchers. Interesting key messages and recommendations arose. Click here for more information ….


2nd Forum: Researchers and Policy Makers
22 settembre 09


Did the policy makers appreciate the research results presented? Which recommendations or key messages emerged from the debate? Read more to know about the results of the debate…


Exchange forum between researchers and policy makers
26 giugno 09


In this meeting policymakers highlighted several elements that need to be improved in order to better communicate the results of research projects and increase their impact on policymaking...


Gender and Migration in Hungary: Sharing experiences and knowledge
24 giugno 09


The meeting aims to present to stakeholders the results of European and Hungarian research on “Gender and Migration” and to establish a plan for communication between researchers and civil society organisations.


Researchers and CSOs: welcome collaboration
25 maggio 09


From the dialogue between researchers and civil society organisations, NEW TOPICS emerged and a new page for the relationship between the 2 groups. They welcomed further opportunities for meeting each other and exchange opinion.


Gender and Migration: Sharing experiences and knowledge
14 maggio 09


In Italy, the collaboration between Civil Society Organisations and Researchers is at its beginning. This is one of the main results arising from the workshop which took place in Rome last 14th of May 2009. Read more to know about the results of the debate…


Workshop: Researchers and NGOs about Gender & Migration
Ecole des Hautes Etudes (EHESS) - Paris
18 marzo 09


A round table between Researchers and CSOs took place in the 1st French workshop where new hint for a future collaboration between the 2 groups emerged and new research domains were indicated by the CSOs to researchers. Read more to know the results of debate ...


27 febbraio 09


Civil society organisations and researchers or Policy makers and researchers sat around a table to discuss the policy briefs’ contents, the possibilities of application of the research results and recommendations in the political framework and the ways for overcoming the barriers of communication. Read more to know the results of debate ...


Launch of GEMMA
07 aprile 08


Interesting reflections about the European & National priorities on Gender & Migration arose from the 1st meeting of the Gemma partners. Important highlights about the Communication of Science.