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Beyond Citizenship: Feminism and the transformation of Belonging
From 30 giugno to 02 luglio 2010


This international and interdisciplinary conference invites debates on the following questions:

What are the problems with framing our desires and visions for the future in terms of citizenship in a globalizing world of migration, mobility, armed conflict, economic crisis and climate change? Does the concept of citizenship restrict our imaginations and limit our horizons within nation-state formations? Can it ever really grasp the complexity of our real and longed-for attachments to communities, networks, friends and loved ones? Is it able to embrace the politics of embodiment and of our relationships with the non-human world? How have feminists historically and cross-culturally imagined and prefigured a world beyond citizenship? Is a feminist, queer or global citizenship thinkable, or should we find a new language for new forms of belonging? A limited number of bursaries will be available.

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