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From 04 giugno to 05 giugno 2009

The KEEPING ON TRACK conference will focus on how the European education system, European enterprises and EU´s Lifelong Learning Programme and Social Funds can help meet the future skill needs of the European labour market in order for Europe to compete successfully in a global labour market.

Particular focus will be placed on how labour market representatives, educational institutes, labour offices and policy-makers can collaborate on the up-skilling of migrants, older workers and migrants working in the healthcare, service and social sectors which will continue to be very important sectors in the future European labour market. Due to demographic changes the European labour market will in the next years change profoundly. Thus better inclusion of a wider range of groups into the labour market and participation in continuing education and training in order to meet the skills needs are required.

Labour shortages in the healthcare, service and social sectors have also been identified in several European countries. The Cedefop analyses referred to above stress that the direct commitment of all stakeholders is essential in attracting these target groups to education and training.

The conference will consist of a marketplace where “best practices” from the Grundtvig, Leonardo and Social Fund programmes will be presented and the best ones receive an award, key note presentations on the theme, national best practices and roundtables with key stakeholders. The goal of the presentations is to set the context for the discussion about up-skilling the European labour force and give an overview of current developments and main challenges in the area. In the three roundtable sessions which are divided along the three different target groups, experts will provide views on core challenges for the respective target groups and “best practice” projects will be highlighted.

Practical information about the conference can be found: