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Female migration in the Mediterranean region: challenges and perspectives
From 27 novembre to 28 novembre 2009

The Centre for studies and research about international migration and sustainable development (Centre d’études et de recherche sur la migration internationale et le développement durable - CERMID) is going to organize an international conference about the role of women in migration. 

The conference has two principal aims:

1) to promote a better understanding of the processes of female migration which are often neglected in the public and academic debate;  2) to assert the basic fact that female migration is part of social modernization which essentially manifests itself through the women’s active participation in the process of socio-economic development.

In order to capture the complexity of “female migration” the conference proposes a “multidimensional” approach focusing on four main axes: juridical, economic, socio-political and cultural. Researchers from the North and the South are invited to participate in order to share their knowledge about female migratory movements. A call for papers can be downloaded at (in French).