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Conference "Who is responsible for the vulnerable intra-EU migrants and how does the current economic crisis affect them?"
12 maggio 2009

This conference is the final event organised within a framework of the European « Onestop mobility shops » project. The project was launched adopting European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) recommendations drawn from the Year of Workers’ Mobility and
relies heavily upon grassroots level operations in four regions of Europe.

The conference opens with a Citizens’ Group as the first item on the agenda. The Group will bring together six citizens who were recipients of one-stop shop services, coming from five Member States. The citizens will represent different age, social and economic groups. They will talk about their migration experiences, difficulties and problems encountered. The Group will be a possibility for the citizens to exercise participatory democracy and also means for them to present recommendations to national and
European level decision makers. The first plenary session also involves presentations of selected European projects working for the benefit of migrants and host communities.

The conference will then examine in parallel workshops the one–stop shop, the “ABC” of Assistance, Building Bridges and Cooperation. “A”, which is the first angle on how to look at the project, focuses on the need of providing a holistic approach to the migrant workers and their families. Migrants have a number of questions beyond the traditional ones relating to legal or administrative obstacles of free movement and they resent being sent from one service to another.
Migrants seek for accessible information and answers to a variety of interrelated problems that can be obtained in one place. That is why one-stop shops, where many services are brought together are so important.
“B” concentrates on the necessity of supporting cooperation among a wide range of services. It means local authorities and other statutory bodies, the social partners, training and language teaching organisations as well as associations of migrants
themselves working together. The particular mix of organisations depends on the nature of the problems, the labour market and also political and institutional factors.
“C” links the first two, “A” and “B”, to neighbouring regions and countries of origin. The need of linking services in sending countries with those for integration in the host countries and finally to assist with the return of migrant workers has been identified. This need corresponds to the fact that much migration is short-term and circular. The conference builds on previous events organised within a framework of the European « One-stop mobility shops » project, namely four conferences that took place in Armagh, Paris, London and Warsaw over the last few months. The event will be preceded by a Citizens’ Group preparatory meeting and an Evening Debate, both taking place on 11th May 2009.

This event will address the question of who is responsible for the vulnerable intra-EU migrants. With the current economic crisis and its consequences, such as rising unemployment rates, a prompt response to the above mentioned question is necessary
and much needed.


The attendance is free of charge.

 In order to register, please download the registration form HERE, complete it and send it to Ms Clelia Casalino by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or by fax: +32 2 548 04 99.

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