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Workshop: Researchers and NGOs about Gender & Migration
Ecole des Hautes Etudes (EHESS) - Paris
18 marzo 2009



Results of debate

Starting from a ground of cooperative behaviour betweeen Civil Society organisations (CSOs) and researchers, the CSOs claimed that the interest of researchers towards CSOs is almost lacking and they were enthusiastic of the occasion they had to debate with researchers during the French workshop.

Anyway some CSOs had diverging opinions about the existing cooperation, but all of them agreed on the fact that a more systematized exchange of opinion should be encouraged.

The systematization of the existing contacts and the share of knowledge were highly recommended.

Researchers acknowledged that a certain group or generation of researchers had established fewer contacts. However, there are a number of contacts and informal exchanges which are not systematized. More workshops and networking activities were suggested in order to have a systematic overview about these exchanges.

Research results: which appreciation from the CSOs?

A major interest was shown in the results of the SERVANT project presented by the coordinator Suzanne Pasleau. Her work on domestic work and female care chains was highly appreciated. Questions concerning asylum presented by Jane Freedman were also very much appreciated, as some of the CSOs are dealing with questions of asylum. Therefore, the presentation of Claudie Lesselier on RAJFIRE CSO that supports undocumented female immigrants (“Sans papiers”) was highly appreciated by the whole audience.

Which directions did the CSOs indicate for the research in the future?

Well known subjects as labour, especially domestic work and political issues (specific female reasons to seek for asylum), as well as broader perspectives concerning families (women as "chief"/responsible for the household, independent women, gay/lesbian families) were suggested in order to enlarge the image of the patriarchal heterosexual family. Research on female entrepreneurs was highly encouraged as well because this is a blank and female immigrant entrepreneurs are suffering from stereotypes and discriminations.



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