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Changing research landscapes to make the most of human potential. 10 years of EU acivities in women and Science and BEYOND
From 14 maggio to 15 maggio 2009

The European Commission and other stakeholders have played an important role in the last decade in stimulating discussions about the governance and direction of European research in relation to the overall goal of building a sustainable European Research Area for researchers. These initiatives stressed the need to increase the accountability of European research to citizens and researchers alike, including equal opportunities for women and men. Discussions concentrated both on how research can contribute
to understanding social and other issues by including the gender perspective, and on creating a research environment conducive to the best use of all European talents.
Initiatives were also developed to look into what needs to be done in order to ensure a fair working environment for women and men in research.
Building on these initiatives, the conference will bring together human resource managers from universities and other research institutions, school-level science education experts, researchers, representatives from EU member states and non-European countries, policy makers and other stakeholders to look at how young people can be attracted into research in the fi rst place, and then how research organisations can improve their working
environments in order to keep these women and men in research careers.

Practical information about the conference can be found: