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International Forum « Migrant women and women in exile : solidarity and action »
From 04 aprile to 05 aprile 2009

The forum is organised by Rajfire* and will gather associations that defend women’s rights as well as feminist groups that base their work on a perspective that valorises autonomy, equality, the universality of rights and refusal of violence. It will provide the opportunity to learn about the experiences and actions in the field of solidarity and action for the right of migrant women and women in exile in several countries (i.a. France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy), to exchange views and to develop solidarities and common initiatives. In different round tables issues such as women and asylum, employment and working conditions, women without residence permit (« sans papiers ») as well as violence will be treated.The forum will be followed by a women only evening. Participation is for free. For more information, please contact


Invited groups are inter alia :

Collectif des femmes en noir contre les centre fermés et les expulsions (Belgium) Collectif contre les violences familiales et l’exclusion (Belgium), Syndicat interprofessionnel des travailleurs et travailleuses (Switzerland), Groupe Solidarité avec les femmes sans statut légal (Collectif du 14 juin ; Switzerland), Centre interculturel des femmes « Trama di terre » (Italy), Senza Confini (Sans frontières ; Italy) ; Association Nodi (Les Nuds ; Italy) ; Forum femmes Méditerranée (France) ; Comité contre la double violence (France)


* Rajfire (Réseau pour l’autonomie des femmes immigrées et réfiugiées) struggles for the rights of immigrant women, against violence and for the right to asylum. It stresses the high level of dependence many immigrant women face with regard to their spouse. In addition, a special working group is dedicated to labour and immigrant women. The association offers a personal advice service for women migrants.