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Gemma On going policy brief No 1 [en]
This is the 1st Policy brief of Gemma describing the objectives, methodologies and European added value of the project. It addresses especially Policy makers and Civil Society organisations.
GEMMA ongoing Policy Brief n.2 [en]
Who is engaged to deal with Gender & Migration issues? Which collaboration could be envisaged between Civil Society Organisations and Researchers? These are the discussions reported in the 2nd GEMMA ongoing policy briefs collected from the results of the debates arose during the French and English Civil Society Dialogue and Networking workshops organised by the GEMMA partners.
Gemma On going policy brief No 3 [en]
This On going policy brief is based on a comparison of the results of different activities that GEMMA’s partners have undertaken in their own countries
Gemma On going policy brief No 4 [en]
This document focus on the final conference that has represented a fundamental milestone to the creation of a common platform where all stakeholders gathered to establish a strong and interdisciplinary dialogue on central and sensitive issues related to Migration and Gender