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The outcomes of policy-making and the research results currently available poorly involve Civil Society Organizations in their debates.

Civil Society Organizations can both contribute to policy-makers and researchers work:

CSOs need to be involved in political debates because they work with citizens on the territory, both at national and European level.

Civil Society Organizations need to have a facilitated access to research results in order to be aware of what is going on in this field.

At the same time, Civil Society Organizations can actively contribute to policy debates because they perfectly knows the country's situation and citizens' needs .


Who are the Civil Society Organizations addressed by GEMMA?

•  Citizens Associations

•  Associations of women

•  Associations of migrants

•  Non governmental organizations

•  Social mutual companies

•  Other


What is GEMMA contribution for Civil Society Organizations?

GEMMA will contribute to the synthesis of high quality research and coordination between civil society organizations, researchers and policy-makers by providing:

  • Opportunities for networking and dialogue between Civil Society Organizations Researchers and policy-makers
  • Thematic Policy briefs – a synthesis instrument that enhance the visibility and access to research results for civil society organizations, policy-makers and the media
  • GEMMA showcase composed by: GEMMA abstract, thematic Policy briefs and an horizontal Policy Review


What will GEMMA produce for you ?

5 Civil Society Dialogue and Networking workshops (link a eventi GEMMA) dealing with Gender & Migration theme in 5 European Countries (Italy, Austria, Hungary, France and United Kingdom) which will result in 5 Recommendation documents (link a documenti GEMMA) for improving long-term communication and cooperation between Civil Society Organizations, researchers and policy-makers.