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Contact us: Adam Molnár
adam.molnar at
Tel. +36 1 214-7714
1027 Budapest, Bem Jozsef u. 2. Hungary
Postal address: 1255 Budapest , Pf. 38.

Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation (TETALAP)

Our Mission

The Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation is a non-profit public foundation established by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1994. Our mission is to develop the international relations of the Hungarian R&D community, to participate in Hungary 's EU integration efforts by promoting activities in the field of science and technology and to improve the access of interested Hungarian parties to EU R&D funding.


Our Expertise

Based on management experiences gathered during its work in the field of bilateral intergovernmental science&technology projects, the Foundation started to deal with EU R&D programmes in 1998. During the 5 th and 6 th Framework Programmes we worked as one of the Hungarian EU FP liaison offices with the task to facilitate the FP participation of Hungarian scientists, institutions and enterprises. It has coordinated the projects HEURORA (FP5), Enwise Ethics Workshop, TrainNet Future, Hungary for FP6, WS DEBATE and UNICAFE (FP6) and has been partner in more than 20 other FP projects in the area of life sciences, social sciences (women&science) and SME support. The Foundation is one of the two Hungarian bridgehead organisations within the ERAMORE Mobility Centre network. In the last 3 years, the Foundation has organized 34 trainings, 13 conferences, 17 information days and 3 brokerage events for the R & D sector.

The Foundation's activities are performed by two divisions:

2. Division for EU affairs

Our objective

The objective of the Division for EU affairs is to facilitate the successful participation of Hungarian scientists, research institutions and innovative enterprises in EU Framework Programme and Hungarian research projects.

Our activity

On the basis of the Foundation's extensive domestic and international R & D relations and project management experience we provide information about EU research programmes and related national R & D funding opportunities. Having an excellent record in the implementation of trainings, conferences and brokerage events, the Division provides assistance to potential partners in dissemination activities. The Foundation also offers advisory service (individual and institutional) in the following topics:

  • proposal preparation
  • partner search
  • proposal writing
  • project management
  • fund raising for implementation of project ideas
  • financial planning and administration of projects

1. Division for Bilateral Affairs

Our objective

The objective of the Division for Bilateral Affairs is to maintain and develop the bilateral international relations of the Hungarian R&D community .

Our activity

By appointment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foundation has managed and implemented the U.S.-Hungarian Intergovernmental Agreement for S&T Cooperation since its signing in 1989. We were responsible for the management of the total grant system of the U.S.-Hungarian S&T Joint Fund (altogether about 250 research projects, 100 workshops, 200 mobility grants). Since 1996, on the assignment of the National Committee for Technological Development and its legal successors, the Foundation has been executing the administrative and financial management of the projects approved under the bilateral intergovernmental S&T agreements which Hungary has signed with more than 30 countries all over the world. Presently the Division handles and administers about 600 mobility and workshop projects annually.



The Foundation has prepared and published several reports and booklets to foster participation in the EU Framework Programme, to enhance industry-academia partnerships, to address gender issues and to improve the participation of SMEs in European research. Further information and downloadable publications are available at our website.