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About the group

The Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) was established in 1990 and is a University recognised Centre in the Institute for Social and Health Research (ISHR). It aims to initiate and support high quality research of national and international standing. It has developed a specific approach to social policy using innovative methodologies for research on new and emerging topics of social interest, in particular, with neglected and marginalised communities.

It actively promotes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and encompasses the extensive experience and expertise of research centre staff who work within a national and international context. The Centre supports postgraduate research students, including research council funded students.

The Migration, Refugees and Citizenship Research Group is based largely within the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) as well as including researchers in the Middlesex University Business School and Arts and Education. Research projects cover theoretical, comparative and policy aspects of contemporary migrations. Main themes are new migrant communities; gendered migrations and citizenship; ethnicity, health and welfare; asylum and refugees; and cosmopolitan and multicultural cities.


The Team

Eleonore Kofman is Professor of Gender, Migration and Citizenship and Co-Director of the SPRC. Her research interests are in family and skilled migrations; gendered migrations, social reproduction and welfare regimes; and cosmopolitan cities. She is currently undertaking research on Civic Stratification, Gender and Family Migration Policies in Europe (Austrian Ministry of Science) and on the Equality Implications of Being a Migrant in Britain . She is a member of the UK Migration and Asylum Group of the UK Women's National Commission.

Louise Ryan is senior research fellow and deputy head of the SPRC.  She has published widely on varied aspects of migration including health, family relationships, social support and networks, skilled migrants, motherhood and caring.  She is currently working on a new study on Polish children in British schools.  She has recently completed studies on Polish migration to London (with Rosemary Sales) and young Muslims in North London (with Eleonore Kofman).  Louise's new book Gendering Migration: masculinity, femininity and ethnicity in Post-war Britain (co-edited with Wendy Webster) will be published by Ashgate in autumn 2008.

Ludovica Banfi is Research Assistant in the SPRC where she works on projects relating to gender and migration such as Gemma and Genderace. Before joining the SPRC she has completed a PhD in Sociology at the University of Trento and has worked as a research fellow at University of Bologna, Italy. Her research interests include transnationalism, gender and migration, domestic and care work, sociology of education. She was recently in charge of  a two year national research on Migrant domestic and care workers in Italy ( and a study attesting the impact of Ukrainian migration on the country of origin (with CESPI).

Elena Vacchelli is Research Fellow at Middlesex University’s Social Policy Research Centre working on two 7th Framework European Commission Programmes on gender and migration. The first project, Gemma, is a dissemination project which targets NGOs and policy makers in particular. The second project, Genderace, investigates multiple and intersectional discrimination in order to improve the current EU legal framework on this issue. She was previously part of the European Programme RTN (Research Training Network, whilst based in Berlin and recently completed a Ph.D. thesis entitled Appropriating urban publics: spatial politics and women’s collective action in Milan (1968-2008), at the Geography Department of The Open University. Her current research interests range from urban theory to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, feminist subjectivity, migration, social justice, citizenship and belonging.


Examples of Current/ Recently Funded Research

  • Civic stratification, gender and family migration policies in Europe , funded by Austrian Ministry of Science New Orientations for Democracy in Europe Programme July 2006-June 2008 (International Centre for Migration Policy Development and Kofman)
  • Forgotten Irish (health, housing, social, psychological and cultural needs (funded by Ireland Fund for Great Britain 2007-8 (Tilki, Ryan, Sales, D'Angelo)
  • Intergenerational change and minority ethnic women in the labour market , funded by The Nuffield Foundation, October 2005 - July 2006 (Bhavnani. Ahmad)
  • MITI (Migrants' Integration Territorial Index), funded by the European Union, September 2006- March 2008 (lead partner Caritas, Rome, British partners; Sales, D'Angelo, Middlesex)
  • Recent Polish migrants in London: networks, transience and settlement , funded by ESRC, 2006- 2007 (Ryan, Sales and Tilki)
  • The changing Chinese community in London: new migration, new needs , funded by Big Lottery Fund, 2006-July 2008 (Lam, Chinese in Britain Forum; Sales, D'Angelo and Montagna, Middlesex)
  • Images and realities of London's Chinatown , funded by Arts and -Humanities Research Council (AHRC), 2007-2008, (Sales, Hatziprokopiou , Montagna, D'Angelo, Liang and Lin).
  • Grounded cosmopolitanism and Branded Cities: Australia, Europe, Asia, supported by the Australian Research Council (Hemelryk Donald and Forrest, University of Technology Sydney, and Kofman and Hatziprokopiou, Middlesex)
  • New Migrant and their Needs in England . Funded by the Refugee Housing
  • Association now Metropolitan Support Trust, 2006-7 (Kofman, Lukes, D;Angelo and Montagna
  • Bangladeshi Women into Employment and Training funded by the London Development Agency 2007-8 (Kofman, Ryan, Aaron)
  • The Equality Implications of Being a Migrant in Britain: a review Funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission., 2008 (Kofman, Lukes, D'Angelo and Montagna.
  • GENDERACE. The Use of Anti-Discrimination Laws: gender and citizenship in a multicultural context ,EU FP7 2008-10 (UK partner Kofman, Howard and Wray)

Recent /current publications

Eleonore Kofman

Research Papers

  • Women Migrants and Refugees in the EU , DG5, European Commission, 2003 published on-line
  • Gendered migrations, livelihoods and entitlements in European welfare regimes, UNRISD Report Gender Equality, Striving for Justice in an Unequal World, 2005
  • Gendered Migrations: towards gender sensitive policies in the UK , Asylum and Migration Working Paper 6, Institute of Public Policy Research, 2005
  • Gender, migration and remittances: Latin Americans and Caribbeans in Europe , UNESCO Forum on the Nexus of Social Sciences and Policy, Argentina/Uruguay, February 2006.
  • Women migrants, inequalities and discrimination in the labour market Equal Opportunities and the Labour Market, IMISCOE, (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe), 2007
  • Implications of migration, gender and care regimes in the South Social Policy and Migration in Developing Countries , UNRISF, IOM and the Institute of Futures Studies, Stockholm, 2007

Selected publications

  • ‘Gendered Migrations: livelihoods and entitlements in European welfare regimes' in N. Piper (ed) New Perspectives on Gender and Migration: Livelihoods, Rights, and Entitlement Routledge, 2007, pp. 59-101
  • ‘The knowledge economy, gender and stratified migrations' Studies in Social Justice 1, Issue 2, 2007, 122-35
  • ‘Gendered migrations, policies and rights in the UK', Social Policy Review 19: 265-91
  • Migration, citizenship and the reassertion of the nation-state in Europe, Citizenship Studies special issue on Spaces, Places and Scales of Citizenship , 9(6), 2005, 453-67
  • ‘Gendered global migrations: diversity and stratification' International Feminist Journal of Politics , 2004, 6(4) 642-64
  • ‘Family-related migration: a critical review of European studies' Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies , 2004, 30(2): 243-62
  • ‘The invisibility of female skilled migrants and gender relations in studies of skilled migration in Europe' International Journal of Population Geography 2000, 6(1)45-59.
  • Kofman, E., A. Phizacklea, P. Raghuram and R. Sales Gender and International Migration in Europe: employment, welfare and politics , Routledge, 2000
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  • Staeheli, L., Kofman, E. and L. Peake (eds) Mapping Women, Making Politics: Feminist Perspectives on Political Geography , New York, Routledge
  • Yuval-Davis, N., F. Anthias and E. Kofman ‘Secure borders and safe haven: the gendered politics of belonging beyond social cohesion' Ethnic and Racial Studies , 2005, 28 (3), 313-35

Luoise Ryan

  • 'Migrant women, social networks and motherhood: The experiences of Irish nurses in Britain' Sociology , 41 (2), 2007: 295-312
  • Ryan, Leavey, Golden, Blizard and King 'Depression in Irish migrants Living in London: a case-control study' British Journal of Psychiatry , 188, 2006, (pp.560-566).
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Ludovica Banfi

  • L. Banfi “Transnationalism and the family. Comparing Filipinos, Polish and Ukranian migrant families in Italy” in R. Catanzaro and A. Colombo (edited by), The New Domestic Labour in Italy, Il Mulino, Bologna (In press)
  • Banfi L. and Boccagni P. “Transnational family life: One pattern or many, and why? A case study on female migration”,  in Kofman E., Koli M. (edited by), Gender, Generation and the Family (in press).
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