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Contact us: Diassina Di Maggio (Director)
dimaggio at
Tel. +39 06 5911817
Piazza G. Marconi 25 00144 Rome, Italy

APRE – Agency for the Promotion of the European Research


About us

APRE is a non-profit organisation based in Italy that provides information, assistance and training in order to promote Italian participation in European Research and Technological Development programmes. APRE was created upon the joint initiative of the Italian Ministry of Research and the European Commission in 1989 and is supported by approximately 80 member organisations, including both public and private research centres, industries, industrial associations, banks, chambers of commerce, science parks and 40 universities.

APRE has played an important role in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Framework Programmes. In FP7, APRE is the host organisation for all National Contact Points in Italy and it is partner or coordinator in several FP6 or FP7 projects.

In particular it is currently the Coordinator of the FP6 SSA Think&Act aiming at improving the coordination between SSH research results and policy-making at national and regional level in the EU through a series of conferences which bring together academics and policy-makers. Within the project, in March 2007, APRE organised a conference on the theme of “Citizenship, Identity and Immigration in the European Union”.

In the past APRE also participated in the Ethnic project. Which was aimed at raising awareness about Science & technology among ethnic minorities In the field of Gender, APRE was partner of the group that set up the “Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science” with the support of the European Commission and partner of WomenCraft project.


Mission and Activities

The mission of APRE is promoting the Italian participation in the European Union research, development and technological innovation programmes, within different scientific areas and technological sectors.

In order to reach this objective, APRE provides information on financing possibilities, current opportunities for scientific and technological co-operation at the European level and on available results of Community research and it offers documentation and training to enterprises, universities, research centres and other organizations interested in participating in European research, development and technological innovation programmes.

Moreover, APRE provides assistance in many areas with the aim of identifying the most suitable programme based on the project idea, finding research partners at the European level, verifying the eligibility criteria of the proposal and drawing up research proposal.



APRE was an official member of the European Innovation Relay Centres (IRC) Network and it was a partner of IRC CIRCE. Now APRE is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and a member of CINEMA project. The main objective is to promote innovation through technological transfer, especially in relation to SMEs.